What’s in datalizard-G4

New application architectures are gradually replacing monolithic programs. In this process, you need a solid enterprise platform. That, and more, is exactly what datalizard-G4 offers. You focus purely on your business issues. datalizard-G4 takes care of everything else for you. Including the option of gradually implementing new requirements.

A platform for your enterprise data

You are in the fast lane with datalizard-G4. The powerful enterprise platform has implicitly solved all the relevant ‘non-functional’ requirements from an enterprise solution. The main ones include:

  • Transaction security — to ensure the data quality
  • Permissions management — you decide who can view or edit your data, and you always know who has done what and when!
  • Multilingual capability — no additional development for international versions
  • Scalable architecture – your solution grows along with you
  • Workflow engine — because today’s business world is process-oriented
  • GUI design and reporting are integrated components — you focus on what is important. Your specific functions and processes.

datalizard-G4 is both a development platform and RUNTIME environment. But in this context, to develop means ‘shape’, ‘design’, ‘parametrise’, ‘orchestrate’. So you can procure a turnkey solution from Datalizard or a Datalizard partner, but you have the option of getting the tools to use datalizard-G4 which enable you to maintain your solution yourself. Because today’s business world is dynamic, process requirements change rapidly. New requirements appear consistently. As a business-oriented IT organisation or IT-oriented business department, you can easily develop yourselves using datalizard G4. In doing this, you focus on the required functionality — the WHAT — and you get effective support with the HOW: from us, with targeted advice and training, and from the platform with powerful tools. By this we mean functions, tools, and modules for integrating data, for designing workflows graphically, for developing business functions, and for defining reports and analyses.

Achieve goals quickly with small steps

After modelling the data structures and ‘docking’ to different data sources, you can use the available tools to navigate through your data, check data quality, harmonise formats, and identify and remove inconsistencies. You will then have established the basis for a centralised master-data management system and any future enhancements as part of your digitalisation projects. Now, step by step, you can develop new functionalities, open up new data areas, design GUIs, and define reports. Small, but very effective, steps. You will see the benefits to your business immediately.

One for many — attractive to everyone

datalizard-G4 is ‘so-called’ cross-functional, and covers IT areas such as

  • Master data management
  • enterprise application integration,
  • business process management, and
  • business software development.
  • Ad-hoc data analysis and data-warehouse-based reporting with a single platform.

For each of these areas there are separate, usually very extensive and costly, products, which require major projects to achieve the solution required. With datalizard-G4, you get the vital functionality at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. With its short implementation timescales, the TCO will impress you, too.

The user experience, or UX, and the speed required to implement new functions are vitally important. User-friendly applications generate more user acceptance and increase productivity. And make your project a success as a result.

Enterprise from A to Z

You know them: small, very specific functions, which are often very important to the company, are developed outside the bounds of existing business solutions. Merely because, otherwise, implementing them would be too time-consuming and expensive. As a result, such solutions are frequently ‘out of control’; they’re neither secure nor scalable, and not easily maintainable.
With datalizard-G4, you just replace these applications and make them enterprise-capable. Another positive impact is that the solution is automatically documented, centralised, and maintainable.


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