Powerful datalizard-G4 platform

Digitalisation projects put vast requirements to your IT. Data integration and agile business-functionality development are assumed. With datalizard-G4, you will have a powerful platform and your investment will be protected.

The solid basis for data management and business applications

datalizard-G4 is a comprehensive data management and application platform with many integrated functionalities. It makes it far easier to produce business applications.
datalizard-G4’s key features are

  • secure data processing
  • completely based on web technology and industry standards
  • integrated workflow technology for process mapping
  • far faster application development
  • wide range of report options
  • independent of database and application server suppliers, also supports open-source technologies
  • easy to scale
  • integrated multilingual capability, and
  • generic architecture and graphic implementation methodology

This enables business analysts and developers to produce enterprise solutions that are sustainable and easy to maintain, largely without programming. Development and implementation time-scales are reduced by a factor of 2 or 4.

Integration and digitalisation

With the technology used, existing solutions can be efficiently integrated with cloud services. In this way, ERP applications and other sector-specific solutions involving different generations and technologies can be integrated. The orchestration of web-based business processes is crucial to enabling your enterprise processes to be digitised.

Investment protection and flexibility

datalizard-G4 uncouples the business functionality from the software itself. This means that your solution remains up-to-date despite the swift developments in software technology. For Datalizard will maintain and upgrade the platform. Besides looking after the platform, Datalizard can also transfer skills to your staff and, if requested, provide a turnkey solution.

Versatile deployment options

The origins of datalizard-G4 lie in master-data management. datalizard-G4 covers all the main requirements, such as transaction security, audit trail, access protection, data versioning, data harmonisation, master-data management across multiple platforms, and comprehensive reporting.

Given the increasing digitalisation of enterprise processes, datalizard-G4 offers the technical platform required. Clients and business partners can easily be integrated using the web-based GUI. Great attention has been paid, here, to the user experience (UX). When business processes are implemented on datalizard-G4, subsequent changes can largely be made without any programming work.


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