Our example of a comprehensive e-business: planyourbusiness

The best example: our own data management application

The planyourbusiness cloud solution provides systematic support for your enterprise planning, and is easy-to-use, efficient and secure. Plan your enterprise with planyourbusiness. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, benefit from using planyourbusiness for their annual and multi-year planning. A complete, integrated solution covers all the processes: from gathering the planning data, through consolidating it in planning calculations and annual accounts with target/actual comparisons and forecasts, to rolling plans. Customise planyourbusiness to suit your own needs.

Rely on your staff at different locations, and in different business units and functions. Decide which information you want which team members to be able to access. Enable team members to collate the information online, systematically, without having to merge different table calculations. See at a glance where you are in the planning process. Who has released what information? What is being worked on? Which inputs are outstanding? Are there questions or grey areas that need to be addressed? planyourbusiness helps you with these issues, too.

The benefits at a glance

Your staff can easily access it
The planyourbusiness cloud/web application is ready to use immediately. The service can easily be used with a web browser. You do not need to install any software locally.

Operation is taken care of
You have no need to worry about running the solution at a technical level. We, or one of our certified operations partners, will do this.

Data management is transparent and secure
We take particular care when handling your data and storing it securely. At all times you have guarantees as to where your data is being stored. The service can only be accessed via encrypted protocols and strong authentication.

Transparent, usage-based billing
You only pay for the service you actually use. The usage fee is calculated based on the number of companies, business units, and users. This enables a low-cost entry into using the software. It is also available for your own data centre. As well as being a cloud service, planyourbusiness can also be run in your own data centre.

planyourbusiness is, indeed, a standard solution. It is entirely based on datalizard-G4. So we are able to map your company’s financial structures and specific processes. So you get your own bespoke standard for your company or your sector.

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