Master data management

With datalizard-G4, your MDM will be top-class

Having sound underlying data means everything to your company. There can be no compromise in this respect. Because ongoing digitalisation is only possible with reliable master data. Including beyond the bounds of your dedicated ERP and enterprise software solutions.

datalizard-G4 is your all-embracing platform for MDM. Because datalizard-G4 has been developed from the ground up as MDM software. It provides all the MDM-related functionalities and, above all, it is quick and easy to implement.
These include:

  • Central management with secure transactions
  • Role-based permissions management
  • Audit tracking. Shows who has handled which data, when, and with which values.
  • Bitemporal data storage and archiving
  • Multilingual capability
  • Many business functionalities for harmonising data and adding business logic
  • Integrated workflow functionalities
  • Efficient data browsing and flexible analysis options
  • Enrich existing data with additional information
  • Compatible with many technical infrastructures

A variety of applications already implemented using datalizard-G4 are evidence of its flexibility and efficiency. Whether the task involves mapping decentralised, centralised, distributed, or mixed forms of the MDM structure, the result is that you get consistent underlying data on which you can build.

Even more than MDM

MDM is an essential basis for digitisation projects. datalizard-G4 gives you everything you need in this respect. And more.

Because with datalizard-G4 you have, at the same time, the digitalisation platform itself. It makes it easy to digitally map and automate the initial work steps, and also to monitor and evaluate them. And . . . you can do all this on a secure platform.

Datalizard’s slogan is «closing gaps». Datalizard- G4 does not compete with your existing solution. We enhance those of your functionalities that are tried and tested, and we provide the specific enhancements that you need for your business to run well.


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