On September 5th, the Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG conducted it’s first Trustee-workshop with the main focus on Datalizard’s Software planyourbusiness based tool „Hypiplan.ch“. Besides exchanging experiences, the workshop provided a great opportunity to get to know the potential of „Hypiplan.ch“.

The web-based all-in-one-solution for successful business management for small and medium-sized enterprises was developed using the Software planyourbusiness of Datalizard AG. Covering the essential requirements of business management like budgeting, liquidity- investment- and performance -control, „Hypiplan.ch“ also simulates currency-scenarios.

Exchanging experiences amongst enterprises using „Hypiplan.ch“was widely appreciated during the event. The conclusion after a discussion roundup: All the requirements of Trustee’s where fulfilled with this tool. In order to further improve the product by collecting valuable customer feedback and input, it was agreed to continue the Workshop-series and use the event as a platform for an exchange of know-how.

Just in time with the first trustee Workshop, the newest Version of the planning tool, which was first launched in autumn 2016, went online. New features like a brand-new cockpit equipped with configurable graphics enable an improved visualisation of numbers.