Excellent client benefits with datalizard-G4

Your business is dynamic. New business models and altered processes require adaptive software solutions. Gaps between applications need to be closed. datalizard-G4 uncouples the business functionality from the technology. Therefore you win at every stage: Rapid implementation and end-to-end solutions support your business over the long term.

Implemented quickly and sustainably

Today’s business requirements need to be implemented as quickly as possible. This quickly takes IT departments to the edge. Cumbersome inventory systems and traditional release management generate delayed delivery times. So rapid solutions are often implemented with makeshift resources.
When your solution is uncoupled from the technology – this is encapsulated in the platform and just made available to you – you protect your investment over the long term. When implemented with datalizard G4, your business knowledge and solution are also well documented. That is another side of sustainability.

Close to the business

The business knows best what is required and what needs to be done. The lack of clarity and ‘misunderstandings’, which emerge when knowledge is transferred to software development, often cause challenging projects to fail.
As the IT department, you will have «the business» on board with datalizard- G4. Or, if you are from the business side but IT-oriented, you will have a tool that you can use together with the developers to efficiently build your solution. A sophisticated, efficient, graphic methodology is used to develop your solution.

datalizard- G4 brings you, the client, the vital benefits of a turnkey solution. You have your project under control and your provider, be it Datalizard or a partner, can focus on the rapid business implementation.

Close process gaps

It may be true that your current solutions meet your existing business requirements. However, as digitalisation proceeds, your collaborations with suppliers, partners and clients will change. Individual process steps or selected data will need to be made available to third parties via a web interface. Or new processes involving multiple vertical solutions will be mapped and automated. With datalizard-G4, you will close these types of process gap over the long term. In so doing, thanks to datalizard-G4, data integrity will be ensured at a high level.

Quality at every stage

In your business, quality and reliability are crucial. And that is precisely what datalizard-G4 offers you. Whether you wish to manage your central reference and master data, use simple or complex functions effectively, or display your data and reports attractively and as you envisage. Security and availability are both quality indicators. datalizard-G4 meets the banking sector’s most demanding requirements in these aspects, too.

At the heart of digitalisation

Yes. You can just get started. And build up in small steps. With datalizard-G4, you will upgrade your existing solutions in a targeted way and create added value for your business. And take the pressure off your staff. datalizard-G4 solutions are 100% web-based solutions. Integrate your clients and business partners so that you reap double the benefits. Not only do you take the pressure off your staff, you offer your clients additional benefits and so increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Often, a prerequisite for profitable digitalisation projects is a new or adapted business model. We will be happy to advise you on this, too. And then you will get everything you need for the implementation with datalizard-G4.

Impressive value

Your investment in datalizard-G4 will pay for itself many times over:

  • Rapid business benefits• Rapid business benefits
  • Extend your current solutions with well calculated projects, which can be replaced later, step by step, if necessary
  • Long lifecycle – as the business functionality is uncoupled from the technology
  • Flexible licensing models for datalizard-G4

You get your bespoke solution in the form of a standard solution. You maintain the business level, adapt existing business processes, and easily implement new ones. Datalizard looks after the technical base so that your solution remains state-of-the-art over the long term.

datalizard-G4 architecture supports a wide range of business models, including the traditional in-house operation as well as cloud and hybrid models. You can switch from one model to the other whenever you wish.


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