datalizard G4 Compatibility List

As of 01.11.2022

Application Server

JBoss EAP 7.2 or higher
WildFly 23 or higher
Java version 11 is mandatory for all supported application servers

Web Browser

Edge (Chromium Edition)
All versions of the above browsers that are not older than 18 months are supported.

Eclipse Plugin (Composer)

Eclipse 4.9 with ODA components
Full support for OpenJDK 11 or newer


Oracle 12c or higher
IBM DB2 9.2 or higher
PostgreSQL 10 or higher, on-premise or cloud (e.g. Azure)
MySQL 5 or higher*
MS SQL Server 2012 or higher, on-premise or cloud (e.g. Azure)*
Progress Openedge 10 or higher*
* excl. datalizard G4 repository

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Cores 2
RAM 8 GByte

Ask for further configurations.