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Business consulting / Solution design

Successful projects are our primary objective. For that, we need to understand what you as our client want to achieve. We will talk to you about the objectives you have drawn up. Our impartial second opinion is particularly valuable at this stage. We then analyse your current situation, structures, and processes, and contrast them with the stated objectives. From there, we together draw up the guidelines for the technical implementation. With our know-how and skills, we are also happy to act as a neutral consultant.

Projects / Knowledge transfer

datalizard-G4 is basically designed to enable IT-oriented business analysts and software architects with good business understanding to develop the solutions themselves. The initial project is often run jointly, with Datalizard leading, but with the client’s staff involved. Our coaching and standard training courses aim to transfer knowledge efficiently and enable our clients to take over the application ownership. According to the customers request, we are available to take over the application maintenance and develop further turnkey solutions.

Customer care and hotline

datalizard-G4 solutions are often deployed in business-critical areas. This requires comprehensive, and highly responsive, 2nd and 3rd level support. You can rely on Datalizard in this respect. 24/7 if necessary. And, of course, we will be happy to advise our clients about how best to deploy datalizard-G4 and talk about implementing other projects on the platform. So that you reap even more benefit.

Ad-hoc services / Immediate support

And if you need an «ad hoc» solution, a specific, consolidated report, or a functionality that your current software does not provide? Talk to us. We can provide troubleshooting support, rapidly and without red tape, so that your business can go on running. In such cases, we focus on delivering a professional, secure interim solution. This will give you time to analyse your situation and requirements in detail. In this process you will benefit from our expertise and our datalizard-G4 software platform. And you don’t need to worry about an integration platform or licences.

Software development

Our clients have a direct line to the software producer. This creates trust, reduces dependencies, and avoids the need to wait for additional functionalities. Datalizard maintains and upgrades the datalizard-G4 software platform on an ongoing basis. All the additional functionalities are incorporated into the standard version. So there is just one standard version, maintained at a state-of-the-art level.

Training options

We aim to create solutions that are effective and efficient. The same focus we apply to the training of our clients and partners in the methodology, application and operation of datalizard-G4. Our modular courses provide the different roles such as user, analyst, power user, solutions architect, developer, and application operator with precisely the skills they need. On projects where Datalizard has overall responsibility, we use the collaborative project work to continually transfer skills to our clients.

Working with Datalizard

Our flexibility is our strength. So we are also able to provide you with top-class support within your company or project organisation. We use a tried and trusted, five-stage methodology as we work towards your new solution:

  1. In-depth analysis and evaluation
  2. Solution design
  3. Proof of concept
  4. Implementation
  5. Go-live and optimisation

In-depth analysis with evaluation
Before we can propose a solution for your company, we first analyse the current situation. We discuss and evaluate vital questions relating to your business model, organisational and technical principles, known requirements, and the future (vision and strategy).

Solution design
Here we focus on achieving your business objectives and a solution which is as future-proof as possible. At Datalizard we separate the business level from the technical implementation, both when we advise and when we design. We will, of course, show you the advantages of an implementation with datalizard-G4 and put propose an implementation framework, costed and with a timetable.

Proof of concept
Even when they are analysed with care, large projects in particular are subject to risk, particularly if requirements and underlying details need to be pinned down. Which is why a proof of concept is advisable. Exploiting the advantages of the datalizard-G4 software platform, we can efficiently implement a subset of processes and functions in order to create the basis for a successful project.

datalizard-G4 projects are usually headed up by Datalizard. Depending on the scope, the work can be done in various teams, including mixed teams from your company, Datalizard, and our partners, and the work can also be done in stages. When datalizard-G4 and our work methodology are used, training, knowledge transfer, ongoing documentation, and quality assurance are all guaranteed.

Go-live and optimisation
datalizard- G4 supports automated deployment, thereby enabling the development, integration and production environments to be kept separate, as clients are often used to. It also means that the live solution can be easily optimised. Once up and running, we give our clients comprehensive support via a service level agreement. The client, one of the client’s service providers, or one of Datalizard’s partners can operate the solution.

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