Our roots

Even when we set the company up in 1999, our stated objective was to provide our clients with flexible data management platforms that enable standardisation. At that time, however, nobody was talking about agile development and apps. Including ourselves. But that is precisely our focus. From the start.

Now, with datalizard-G4, we are offering our clients the fourth generation of our software. It has been completely upgraded and hugely enhanced in terms of functionality. At the same time, we were able to transfer each generation of the original solutions to datalizard-G4 without negatively impacting the business functionalities in the process: Excellent evidence of the investment protection that Datalizard promises.

We at Datalizard have invested heavily in the datalizard-G4 software platform. And more. Our family has also included planyourbusiness since 2014. This in-house financial product impressively demonstrates Datalizard’s sector expertise and the power of datalizard- G4.


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