We enable digitalisation

Philipp Künsch, CEO Datalizard AG

‘We specialise in managing your data securely — in the business context.’

We support our clients’ IT departments with tasks such as transforming processes in IT areas, master data management, business process management, enterprise application integration, and software development. We do this without a large amount of programming, using our own in-house graphic software development methodology, which encapsulates design, implementation, and documentation, and which is quicker and easier to learn than conventional programming.

For those of our clients who are looking for a turnkey solution, we quickly and accurately define their needs as they relate to increasing digitalisation, and we rapidly and cost-effectively transform them into an outstanding enterprise solution tailored to the relevant business area and with maximum investment protection.

As a highly specialised software company, we have three main skill sets:

  1. Business analysis skills. Our clients value us because we understand the complex issues in their everyday business.
  2. We work with state-of-the-art methodologies using leading edge software technologies. At the same time, we use open standards whenever it makes financial sense.
  3. When we implement, we work quickly and single-mindedly. Thanks to datalizard-G4, we are extremely productive and we never cease to surprise our clients.





Datalizard AG
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