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‘We know: business analysts want to get straight to the solution.’

Goal conflict is pervasive. The business expects agility when new functionalities are being implemented. IT focuses on the solution running securely and reliably. The business has to wait and put up with the testing and release cycles. But those times are now gone.

With datalizard-G4, we close the gaps between IT and business. The enterprise platform, which is based entirely on standard technologies, can be seamlessly integrated into professional operations along with your other enterprise solutions.
And the business gets new levels of flexibility, with the ability to independently map new business processes, build in new functionalities, and create new analyses and reports. Complex requirements are designed and implemented together with the IT experts.

datalizard-G4 is the ideal tool for business experts. They can make best use of their skills and implement them themselves, in valuable solutions. A wide range of business cases document datalizard-G4’s huge potential to provide significant value.

IT experts, both on the business side and in software development, love the rigorous architecture and the robust implementation.


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