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Enhance your solutions with datalizard-G4 – the powerful, integrated platform for your digital processes.

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Successful projects — thanks to Datalizard’s expertise.

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Datalizard-G4 integrates and enhances existing solutions. Securely, quickly and for the long term.

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Datalizard-G4 is the powerful platform for application developers who understand the business.

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datalizard-G4 consolidates, standardises, and presents data from all sorts of sources, quickly and efficiently.

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With our skills and experience, and using datalizard-G4, we can rapidly resolve your data management and reporting problems – even during crises!


Powerful datalizard-G4 platform

The solid basis for data management and business applications.


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End-to-end processes. Target-oriented, fast, efficient and excellent value.


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Everything contained to edit and display corporate data efficiently.


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We know: business analysts want to get straight to the solution.



The best example: our own data management application.


Master data management

datalizard-G4 provides sound underlying data.




Canio Gilio
Canio GilioHead of Finance & Administration
Dettling & Marmot AG, Dietlikon
‘We were extremely impressed by the unbeatable combination of business analysis expertise amongst Datalizard's team and the power of datalizard-G4. Datalizard was very quick to understand our requirements and implemented a standard solution, customised for our needs, for brand management and sales planning. Now we have integrated marketing, sales, and the finance department at a high level, which enables us to have an excellent overview and far greater planning reliability.’
Thomas Schneider
Thomas SchneiderHead of IT
‘In our business there are specific calculations which, in typical ERP solutions, cannot normally be mapped without a great deal of effort. Deploying datalizard-G4 has given us an excellent, integrated, pragmatic, low-cost solution at enterprise level. From the very beginning we were impressed by Datalizard's expertise and how they ran the project efficiently. So after working with them for 10 years, we have come even closer together by deploying planyourbusiness.’



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datalizard-G4 is a Software developed and owned by Datalizard AG. Datalizard AG is an independent, highly specialised, Swiss software company based in Dietikon, Zurich. Since 1999 we are well known for developing standardised bespoke solutions and highly customised standard solutions, as well as master data management applications. Our clients include SMEs and major companies and groups from a wide range of sectors. We have added planyourbusiness, which is a standard solution for corporate planning based on datalizard-G4, to our portfolio.